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ScotStat Register: guidance

Published: 4 Feb 2020
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Guidance for signing up to the ScotStat Register.

4 Feb 2020
ScotStat Register: guidance

New Members:

Follow the link above to sign up for ScotStat updates and to allow you to contact other ScotStat members. There is a very short registration form followed by options to choose the topics of interest for which you wish to receive updates relating to statistical publications and consultations.

Please note, the register is linked to the Scottish Government News system, the login details you use for ScotStat will also log you into that system.

Existing ScotStat members:

Once logged into the register please take the time to ensure your "areas of interest" are up to date as your choices here determine the information you will be sent.

Privacy Notice:

Please be aware that the Scottish Government may provide your contact information to the UK Statistics Authority to enable them to deliver their functions in accordance with the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007. As part of the assessment process The Authority needs to be able to contact users of statistics to discuss if their needs are being met.