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ScotStat Register: guidance

Published: 4 Feb 2020
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Guidance for signing up to the ScotStat Register.

ScotStat Register: guidance
About and sign-up
Access the ScotStat Register  You will receive your first ScotStat email in March 2022

About ScotStat

The ScotStat email notification service is one of the key ways we keep users of Scottish statistics updated on latest developments. This includes new publications, events and consultations.

If you wish to receive email notifications about our statistics from us please complete the short sign-up form at the top of this page. You can tell us about which topics you are interested in receiving updates.  You will start receiving emails from us in March. 

Changing the way your receive your statistics

From 1st March 2022 we will be changing from the current system we use to send your emails from Mailchimp 

If you are already a ScotStat user

You will continue to receive your information from the old system until the end of February.   

We will contact you to sign up for the new system between now and February 29th 2022.

New users
You can sign up to the new system today.  You will receive your first Scotstat email in March. 

If you need to receive ScotStat emails before 1 March

If you need to receive this information before 1 March 2022, please email

Privacy Notice

Information on the data we collect when you sign up for ScotStat emails can be found in the privacy notice