Self-directed Support : my support, my choice: your guide to social care

A guide to help you if you are getting social care support or if you are thinking of getting support

Option 4

"A mix of options 1, 2 and 3"

What is option 4?

Option 4 is when you take a mix of two or more of the options for different parts of your support.

Why might I want a 'mix' of options?

Everyone's support arrangements are different and many people receive different types of support to meet different support needs.

The example below is about Vera who found that choosing a mix of options helped to support her more effectively.

This option may also be better for you if you would like to try the direct payment or managing the budget under option 2 for some of your support, but you would like the council to take care of the rest of your support.

Vera's story

Vera is a 46 year old woman who has been diagnosed with a mental health problem. Her health varies and she can have days where she does not have much control over what she does.

Vera lives alone but has been assessed as needing some support. This includes support to manage bills and mail, support to keep good relationships with neighbours and support to keep on top of her housework. Vera also needs support with getting to health appointments and taking her medication.

Vera currently has daily support from a care provider but she doesn't always get on very well with the staff they send. This can make her health worse and can lead to her not taking care of herself and her home.

Vera's support is reviewed and these problems come to light during the conversations Vera has with the professional working with her.

Together they plan support that will help Vera get the support she needs but will not lead to her getting frustrated with the care staff.

Vera chooses to have a mix of options for her support. She would still like care staff to be arranged by the council to come in to remind her to take her medication and help her to get on top of her housework. However she would like to use some of her budget to pay for art therapy sessions as she feels this helps to maintain her mental health and reduces her levels of anxiety. She asks the council to arrange the classes of her choice.

Vera has used a mix of the options to get the right support for her. She used option 3 to continue to get care at home arranged by the council and she used option 2 to get the council to buy art therapy classes on her behalf.


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