Self-directed Support : my support, my choice: your guide to social care

A guide to help you if you are getting social care support or if you are thinking of getting support

Your human rights

What are human rights and why do they matter to me?

Human rights belong to everyone, and they are a very important way of protecting disabled people. Human rights mean that the Government, hospitals and social services have to treat you with fairness, equality, dignity and respect.

It is helpful to find out about your human rights, especially if you are having a disagreement with your council or the professional working with you over how you have been assessed or how your support has been arranged.

Where can I find out more about my human rights?

The British Institute for Human Rights has produced a series of plain English, non-technical guides about human rights in the UK. They are written specially for people with mental health problems, disabled people, older people and carers. They will also be useful for people working with these groups, or people who would like to know more about how human rights affect these groups.

You can find these guides here:

Find out more about Children's rights by visiting the website of Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People:


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