Self-directed Support : my support, my choice: your guide to social care

A guide to help you if you are getting social care support or if you are thinking of getting support

Reviewing your support

After a time, there will be a review to check if your needs have changed.

Reviewing your support

How will the council make sure my support is still working for me?

Your council has to make sure the support you get is meeting your needs and that it is helping you to do all the things that were agreed in your support plan. One way they will do this is by taking a review of your needs from time to time.

What is a review?

A review is when the professional working with you takes another look at your support, to find out if your needs have changed. They might decide that you need more support or less support.

When should a review happen?

Councils would like to review people every year but they should also do a review if your needs have changed or if you have asked for them to be reviewed. The professional working with you should tell you before your review and clearly explain what will happen.


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