Scottish Welfare Fund Statistics: Annual Update: 2021-22

The Scottish Welfare Fund comprises Community Care Grants – which help people to live independently – and Crisis Grants, which provide a safety net in a disaster or emergency.

This publication provides information on the SWF for 2021/22, and since 2013 when the scheme began.


Since April 2013, there have been 28,330 Tier 1 reviews for Community Care Grants, and 35,950 for Crisis Grants (Table 55)[4]. Just under half of decisions have been revised at this stage for both Community Care Grants (46%) and Crisis Grants (42%) (Table 56).

Since April 2013, around 75% of Tier 1 reviews for Community Care Grants have been made within the 15 working day target, while around 88% of Tier 1 reviews for Crisis Grants have been made within the two working day target (Table 57). East Ayrshire have not been able to supply information on review processing times, which accounts for a further 2% Community Care Grants and less than 1% Crisis Grants where it is unknown if reviews were made within target times.



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