Scottish Replacement For EU Structural Funds

The results of the public consultation, which was held between November 2019 and February 2020, have informed thinking and the Scottish Government has developed this plan in partnership with our expert steering group.

Annex B Steering Group and Contributors to Development Process

1. The Scottish Government has been working with a Steering Group, chaired by Prof David Bell of University of Stirling and co-chaired by Prof John Bachtler of University of Strathclyde, to develop a Scottish programme to replace European Structural Funds following the UK's exit from the EU. A public consultation was held between November 2019 and February 2020 the results of which informed development of this outline plan.

2. The development of the plan was undertaken by the Scottish Government along with members of the Steering Group, other external stakeholders and Scottish Government policy leads. Four key areas were developed: Each group produced a paper which set out how they considered that their area should be taken forward and it is this work which underpins these plans.

3. Scottish Government officials chaired each group and drafted the papers. Hilary Pearce (Deputy Director, ESIF) and Darren McDowall (SG Finance Business Partner) also attended two of the groups.

Group Members
Funding and Allocation

Prof David Bell (Univ. of Stirling and Steering Group Chair)

Prof John Bachtler (Univ. of Strathclyde and Steering Group Co-Chair)

Malcolm Leitch (SLAED and Steering Group)

Cllr Dr Steven Heddle (Orkney Islands Council, CoSLA and Steering Group)

Governance and Delivery

Douglas Colquhoun (Scottish Enterprise and Steering Group)

Francesca Giannini (Scotland Europa)

Anna Fowlie & Jamie Flaherty (SCVO and Steering Group (Anna))

Monitoring and Evaluation

Cornilius Chikwama (SG – Office of the Chief Economic Advisor and Steering Group )

Natalie Hemmings (SG – Office of the Chief Economic Advisor)

Sheila Perry (Scottish Enterprise)

Mary Louise Howatt (Argyll & Bute Council)

Gary Richardson (SG – Internal Audit)

Policy Alignment

Rob Clarke (Highlands & Islands Enterprise and Steering Group)

David Rennie (South of Scotland Enterprise and Steering Group )

Amanda Fox (SG - Rural Economy and Steering Group)



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