Scottish Replacement For EU Structural Funds

The results of the public consultation, which was held between November 2019 and February 2020, have informed thinking and the Scottish Government has developed this plan in partnership with our expert steering group.

Annex A Draft Roles and Responsibilities

Theme Topic UK Government Scottish Government Regional Economic Partnerships (REP) Local Authorities and Community Actors National Agencies
Funding and Allocation Allocation methodology Responsible for deciding the allocation and transferring funds to Scottish Government. Develop a needs-based allocation methodology that will set out how much each REP will receive for the a multi-year (5 year) period Develop an allocation methodology in partnership with local authorities and community actors, that suits the needs of the region. Work with REPs to develop allocation model. Work with regional partnerships and agree contract for services in line with regional plans.
Spend Transfer funds to SG for onward allocation. Transfer funding to an accountable body in each regional partnership. Funding will be committed on a multi annual basis and paid on a staged basis. Transfer funding to sub regional activities and bodies. Spend on projects. Regional partnerships pay National Agencies for contracted services.
Policy Policy development Overall development of UK SPF (in partnership with devolved nations). Development of policy aims and objectives for Scottish Programme, aligned to National Performance Framework and Inclusive Growth Ambitions. Programme designed and delivered on a multi annual basis. Development of regional programme that fits with in Scottish Framework. Contribute to development of regional programmes. Development of specific policy responses in line with regional needs.
Governance and delivery Organisational structure Supra national strategic oversight. Develop overall aims and objectives and agree programmes with regional partnerships. Allocate funding and oversee regional spend and performance. Lead delivery of the regional programme and ensures that the aims an objectives are being met at regional level. Ensure compliance, audit and value for money using existing systems. Deliver specific projects and actions in line with regional plan. Deliver to the requirements of the regional plans.
Monitoring and Evaluation Monitoring Ensure that Scottish programme meets UK Objectives. Oversight of Scottish Programme; Report to UKG; Ensure that regional Programmes are meeting key outcomes. Develop regional monitoring and evaluation frameworks and monitor progress of regional projects. Check and verify project spend and objectives. Check and verify project spend and objectives.
Evaluation Ongoing evaluation of UK Programme. Evaluate the effectiveness of the Scottish programme and work with regional partnerships to develop monitoring and evaluation frameworks for regional programmes. Evaluate overall regional programme. Individual project evaluations. Individual project evaluations.
Appraisal Agree plans with DAs. Agree with regional partnerships programmes of activity. Appraise projects within regional programmes. Business cases for specific projects and activities. Business cases for specific projects and activities.



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