Exotic notifiable animal diseases contingency plans - Scottish Regional Resilience Partnerships' framework: August 2022

Information on how and when operational partners should respond to a suspect or confirmed exotic notifiable animal disease outbreak.

Appendix C: Amendments and exercise record

Amendment/exercise date: May 2016

Exercise: Exercise Cerberus

Summary: Draft version of RRP Plan tested during national rabies exercise for operational partners in Scotland

Amendment/exercise date: December 2016

Exercise: RRP Plan

Summary: First version of RRP Plan published

Amendment/exercise date: April 2018

Exercise: Exercise Blackthorn

Summary: National foot and mouth disease full exercise: live play and three table tops.

Amendment/exercise date: July 2018

Exercise: Exercise Juniper

Summary: Scottish avian influenza (AI) table top exercise – aimed at commercial laying hen sector

Amendment/exercise date: October 2019

Exercise: Exercise Hazel

Summary: Scottish avian influenza (AI) table top exercise – aimed at broiler breeders and hatcheries

Amendment/exercise date: October 2020

Exercise: Exercise Ivy

Summary: Scottish ASF table top exercise

Amendment/exercise date: Postponed to July 2021

Exercise: Exercise Holly

Summary: National African swine fever (ASF) table top exercise


Email: Animal.Health@gov.scot

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