Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Volume 5 Number 16:The Avoidance Rates of Collision Between Birds and Offshore Turbines

This study reviewed data that have been collected from offshore windfarms and considers how they can be used to derive appropriate avoidance rates for use in the offshore environment.


Robert Yaxley (Wild Frontier Ecology), Steve Percival (Ecology Consulting) and Lyndon Roberts (The Landmark Practice) provided access to post construction monitoring reports for windfarms at which gulls are present. Joris Everaert, Nicholas Vanermen ( INBO) and Karen Krijgsveld (Bureau Waardenburg) all contributed valuable discussion about the implications of data presented in reports from Dutch and Belgian windfarms. Joris Everaert also provided access to additional data from the Zeebrugge and Boudwijnkanaal windfarms. Jared Wilson, Finlay Bennet, Ian Davies (Marine Scotland), Alex Robbins (Scottish Natural Heritage), Richard Caldow, Mel Kershaw, Tim Frayling (Natural England), Matty Murphy (Natural Resources Wales), Orea Anderson, Vicki Saint ( JNCC), Chris Pendlebury (Natural Power), Aly McCluskie ( RSPB) and Mark Trinder (MacArthur Green) have all provided useful input through the project steering group and through comments on draft versions of this report, and we are particularly grateful to Bill Band for his comments on data and analyses and for his guidance in Annex 1 of this report.


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