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Marine and Freshwater Science: index of reports

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Published: 28 Jul 2020

Index of the contents of all volumes of Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science published since 2010.

Marine and Freshwater Science: index of reports
Title Author(s) Vol (No.)
Seabird Survey Designs for the East Coast of Scotland C R Donovan & B A R Caneco 11(19)
Automated Identification of Fish and Other Aquatic Life in Underwater Video S Blowers, J Evans and K McNally 11 (18)
The Status of Sabellaria spinulosa Reef off the Moray Firth and Aberdeenshire Coasts and Guidance for Conservation of the Species off the Scottish East Coast B Pearce & J Kimber 11(17)
The Thermal Environment of an Inter-tidal Pacific Oyster Farm W R Turrell, E Dalgarno, G Hermann, J Graham, J-P Lacaze and B Rabe 11(15)
Review Of Demographic Parameters And Sensitivity Analysis To Inform Inputs And Outputs Of Population Consequences Of Disturbance Assessments For Marine Mammals

R R Sinclair, C E Sparling and J Harwood

Improving estimates of seabird body mass survival relationships F Daunt, Z Fang, R Howells, M Harris, S Wanless, K Searle and D Elston 11(13)
Regional baselines for marine mammal knowledge across the North Sea and Atlantic areas of Scottish waters E L Hague, R R Sinclair and C E Sparling 11(12)
Developing marine mammal Dynamic Energy Budget models and their potential for integration into the iPCoD framework J Harwood, C Booth, R Sinclair and E Hague 11(11)
Scoping Study - Regional Population Viability Analysis for Key Bird Species CR/2016/16 Searle, K., Butler, A., Bogdanova, M. and Daunt, F. 11(10)
The National Electrofishing Programme for Scotland (NEPS) 2019 I A Malcolm, K J Millidine, F L Jackson, R S Glover and R J Fryer 11(9)
Attributing seabirds at sea to appropriate breeding colonies and populations (CR/2015/18) Butler, A., Carroll, M., Searle, K., Bolton, M., Waggitt, J., Evans, P., Rehfisch, M., Goddard, B., Brewer, M., Burthe, S. and Daunt, F. 11(8)
Feasibility of Using a High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Fluorescence Detection Based Method for Analysis of Biliary Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Metabolites from Fish for the UK Clean Seas Environment Monitoring Programme M Campbell, H E B Anderson and L Webster 11(7)
Development of an Analytical Method using Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) to Quantify Hydrocarbons Released into the Environment during an Oil Spill

Cunningham, S., Hermann, G., Webster, L. and Yates, K.

The Marine Invasive Non-Native Species Didemnum vexillum: Loch Creran Survey – September 2019 T Begg, J Graham and I Matejusova 11(5)
Interpretation of sea lice connectivity patterns among Scottish Farm Management Areas B Rabe and A Gallego 11(4)
Blue carbon audit of Scottish waters: Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science J S Porter, W E N Austin, M T Burrows, D Clarke, G Davies, N Kamenos, S Riegel, C Smeaton, C Page, A Want. 11(3)
Re-Evaluating Scotland’s Sedimentary Carbon Stocks: Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Smeaton, C., Austin, W. and Turrell, W.R. 11(2)

A Compendium of Marine Related Carbon Stores, Sequestrations and Emissions: Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science 

Turrell, W.R 11(1)


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