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Index of reports published in Marine and Freshwater Science

Published: 22 Nov 2019

Index of the contents of all volumes of Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science, from 2010 to the present day.

Index of reports published in Marine and Freshwater Science
Vol (No.)

Updated Seal Usage Maps: The Estimated at-sea Distribution of Grey and Harbour Seals   

D J F Russell, E L Jones and C D Morris 8(25)

Microarray for the Detection and Quantification of Toxin-Producing Phytoplankton Species in Scottish Coastal Waters

G Hermann, J Graham and J-P. Lacaze 8(24)

Testing and Validating Metrics of Change Produced by Population Viability Analysis (PVA)

M Jitlal, S Burthe, S Freeman and F Daunt 8(23)

Determining the water column usage by seals in the Brims lease site   

C Evers, C Blight, D Thompson, J Onoufriou and G Hastie 8(22)

Scottish Scallop Stocks: Results of 2016 Stock Assessments

H Dobby, R Fryer, T Gibson, S Kinnear, J Turriff and A McLay 8(21)

Modelling harbour seal movements

B McConnell, S Smout and M Wu 8(20)

Manual for Version 3 of the Groundfish Survey Monitoring and Assessment Data Product

S P R Greenstreet and M Moriarty 8(18)

OSPAR Interim Assessment 2017 Fish Indicator Data Manual (Relating to Version 2 of the Groundfish Survey Monitoring and Assessment Data Product)

S P R Greenstreet and M Moriarty 8(17)

Derivation of Groundfish Survey Monitoring and Assessment Data Product for the Northeast Atlantic Area

M Moriarty, S P R Greenstreet and J Rasmussen 8(16)

Crab and Lobster Fisheries in Scotland: Results of Stock Assessments 2013-2015

Mesquita, C., Miethe, T., Dobby, H. and McLay, H. 8(14)

Acoustic Assessment of SIMRAD EK60 High Frequency Echo Sounder Signals (120 & 200 kHz) in the Context of Marine Mammal Monitoring

D Risch, B Wilson and P Lepper 8(13)

The development and validation of a method for quantification of pigments of interest in marine waters using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with Diode Array Detection (DAD)

K Smith, P Walsham and L Webster 8(12)

NMPi future climate change data layers

W R Turrell, M Cox, L Mason, D Milne and R Watret 8(11)

Using commercial and survey data to infer real-time fish distribution in the North Sea at high resolution

C Tara Marshall, Rodrigo Wiff and Thomas Cornulier 8(10)

Monitoring of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in Scottish Deepwater Environments (MoreDeep)

L Webster, N Shepherd, M Russell, G Packer, E J Dalgarno and F Neat


Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme (SMASS): Final contract report

A Brownlow, N Davison & M ten Doeschate 8(8)

Modelling the Effects of Marine Energy Extraction on Non-Cohesive Sediment Transport and Morphological Change in the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters

I Fairley, H Karunarathna and A Chatzirodou 8(7)

To Develop the Methodology to Undertake Stock Assessments on Razor Fish Using Combinations of Video Monitoring and Electrofishing Gear

C J Fox 8(6)

An Investigation into the Commercial Viability of Fish Traps and Jig Fishing in the Scottish Demersal Fishery

P MacDonald and J Mair 8(5)

Using genetic approaches to estimate population sizes of salmon in Scotland

J Gilbey and P J Bacon 8(4)

Trials to Assess the Effects of Bobbin Groundgear and a 200 mm Square Mesh Panel to Reduce Unwanted By-Catches in the Commercial Nephrops Fishery

M Kinghorn, J Dooley, A Edridge, R J Kynoch and F G O'Neill 8(3)

Effects of a lifting bag on Nephrops selectivity: FISA Project 07/14

J Drewery, M Kinghorn, J Mair, F G O'Neill and K Summerbell 8(2)

Selectivity in trawl fishing gears (complete manual and associated factsheets)

Download individual factsheets from the DiscardLess project website

F G O'Neill & K Mutch 8(1)