Marine and Freshwater Science: index of reports

Index of the contents of all volumes of Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science published since 2010.

Vol (No.)

Assessing the status of Atlantic salmon in the Aberdeenshire River Dee from electrofishing data

Malcolm, I.A., Millidine, K., Glover, R.S., Hawkins, L. and Millar, C. 7(30)

Determination and Environmental Assessment of Hydrocarbons in Water Samples Following a Release of Oil from the Clair Platform

Webster, L., Russell, M., Walsham, P., Packer, G., Dalgarno, E.J., Shepherd, N. and Turrell, B. 7(29)

Determination of the Distribution of the Resident Inshore and Offshore Migratory Cod Populations Around Shetland (IVa) and Westwards into VIa

Doyle, A., Davie, A., Wright, P., Coull, K. and Angus, C. 7(28)

Fine-scale harbour seal at-sea usage mapping around Orkney and the north coast of Scotland

E L Jones, S Smout, C Blight, C Sparling and B McConnell  7(27)

The Scottish Coastal Observatory 1997-2013

Part 1 - Executive Summary

Part 2 - Description of Scotland's Coastal Waters

Part 3 - Appendices

Scottish Coastal Observatory data

E Bresnan, K Cook, J Hindson, S Hughes, J-P Lacaze, P Walsham, L Webster and W R Turrell


Survey of the Solway Firth cockle grounds 2015

Dickens, S., McLay, A., Dobby, H., Goudge, H. and Deamer-John, A.


Investigations into the interactions between harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) and vessels in the inner Moray Firth

J Onoufriou, E Jones, G Hastie and D Thompson


Improved estimates of digestion correction factors and passage rates for harbour seal (Phoca vitulina) prey

L J Wilson, K Grellier and P S Hammond 7(23)

Taint, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAHS) and N-Alkane Analysis of Farmed Mussels and Salmon Samples Following the Transocean Winner Rig Incident

L Webster, N Shepherd, M Russell, P Walsham, G Packer, P Hayes and W R Turrell 7(22)

Harbour seal diet composition and diversity

Supporting paper

L J Wilson and P S Hammond 7(21)

Grey seal diet composition and prey consumption

Supporting paper

P S Hammond and L J Wilson 7(20)

Comparing the diet of harbour and grey seals in Scotland and eastern England

Supporting paper

L J Wilson and P S Hammond 7(19)
S Sangiuliano

Refining Estimates of Collision Risk for Harbour Seals and Tidal Turbines

B Band, C Sparling, D Thompson, J Onoufriou,
E San Martin and N West

T Miethe, H Dobby and A McLay
K M Dworski, A J Fenwick and P G Fernandes
C Sparling, D Gillespie, G Hastie, J Gordon, J Macaulay, C Malinka, M Wu and B McConnell
J Sturlaugsson
I Napier
H Harding, R Bruintjes, A N Radford and S D Simpson
Orpwood, J.E., Mackay, F., Smith, G.W., Stewart, D.C., Henry, J.I., Anderson, J.M.,Morgan, T., Millar, C.P., Malcolm, I.A., Cauwelier, E., Counter, S.-L., Gilbey, J., Sampayo,J., Stradmeyer, L., Simpson, I., Downie, H.K., Wyndham, M., Middlemas, S.J., MacLean, J.C. & Armstrong, J.D.
C Mesquita, H Dobby and H A McLay
J Wolf, C Stuiver, D Price, H Johnson, A Gallego and R O’Hara Murray
D Price, C Stuiver, H Johnson, A Gallego, R O’ Hara Murray
D Price, C Stuiver, H Johnson, A Gallego, R O’ Hara Murray
D Price, C Stuiver, H Johnson, A Gallego, R O’ Hara Murray
D Price, C Stuiver, H Johnson, A Gallego and R O’Hara Murray
J Wolf, N Yates, A Brereton, H Buckland, M De Dominicis, A Gallego, R O’Hara Murray
D Braun, D McCubbing, D Ramos-Espinoza, M Chung, L Burroughs, N Burnett, J Thorley,J Ladell, C Melville, B Chillibeck and M Lefevre
Scott, B.E., Irvine, K.N., Byg, A., Gubbins, M., Kafas, A., Kenter, J., MacDonald, A., O’Hara Murray, R., Potts, T., Slater, A.M., Tweddle, J.F., Wright, K., Davies, I.M.
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