Marine and Freshwater Science: index of reports

Index of the contents of all volumes of Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science published since 2010.

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Sedimentation in the Firth of Lorn, Marine Special Area of Conservation

Perry, C. 1(19) 2010
The Saltire Prize Programme: further Scottish leasing round (Saltire Prize projects). Regional locational guidance Harrald, M., Aires, C. and Davies, I.M. 1(18) 2010
Regional assessment of hazardous substances in coastal and offshore marine environments: 1999-2009 Webster, L., Russell, M., Walsham, P., Robinson, C., Phillips, L.A., Hussy, I., Packer, G., Rose, M., Dalgarno, E.J., Devalla, S., Avery, D. and Moffat, C.F. 1(17) 2010

Persistent organic pollutants and trace metals in sediments close to Scottish marine fish farms

Russell, M., Robinson, C.D., Webster, L., Walsham, P., Phillips, L., Dalgarno, E., Rose, M., Watson, D., Scurfield, J., Avery, D.J., Devalla, S., Gubbins, M., Davies, I.M. and Moffat, C.F. 1(16) 2010
The influence of naturally occurring algal biotoxins on the biology of pelagic copepods: a review of the literature and data currently available for Scottish waters Cook, K.B.; Bresnan, E. and Turrell, E.A. 1(15) 2010

Review of migratory routes and behaviour of Atlantic salmon, sea trout and European eel in Scotland's coastal environment: implications for the development of marine renewables

Malcolm, I.A., Godfrey, J. and Youngson, A.F. 1(14) 2010

The development and validation of a High Performance Liquid Chromatography method to quantify chlorophylls a and b in marine phytoplankton and identify other pigments of interest

Smith, K., Webster, L., Bresnan, E. and Moffat, C.F. 1(12) 2010

Decapod crustacean larvae of Scottish coasts. A photographic identification guide (excluding Infraorder brachyura)

Pan, M. and Hay, S. 1(11) 2010
A review of hazardous substances in the Scottish marine environment: update 2010 Webster, L., Robinson, C.D., Russell, M., Walsham, P. and Moffat, C. 1(10) 2010

The Saltire Prize Programme: further Scottish leasing round (Saltire Prize projects) scoping study

Harrald, M. and Davies, I.M.



Monitoring the consequences of the northwestern North Sea sandeel fishery closure

Greenstreet, S., Fraser, H., Armstrong, E. and Gibb, I.



Halogenated persistent organic pollutants in Scottish deep water fish

Webster, L., Walsham, P., Russell, M., Neat, F., Phillips, L., Dalgarno, E., Packer, G., Scurfield, J.A. and Moffat, C.F.



Report into the epidemiology and control of and outbreak of infectious salmon anaemia in the Shetland Isles, Scotland

Murray, A.G., Munro, L.A., Wallace, I.S., Hall, M., Pendrey, D., Fraser, D.I., Berx, B., Munro, E.S., Allan, C E T, Snow, M., McIntosh, R., Bruno, D.W., Noguera, P.A., Smail, D. and Raynard, R.S.

1(4) 2010
Assessment of the state of the demersal fish communities in UK waters Greenstreet, S.P.R, Fraser, H.M., Cotter, J. and Pinnegar, J. 1(3) 2010
Assessment of the state of demersal fish communities in OSPAR regions II, III, IV and V Greenstreet, S.P.R, Fraser, H.M., Cotter, J. and Pinnegar, J. 1(2) 2010

SOTEAG rocky shore monitoring programme. TBT contamination in Sullom Voe, Shetland. 2009 dogwhelk survey

Gubbins, M.J.

1(1) 2010
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