Scottish Local Government Financial Statistics 2011-12

Scottish Local Government Financial Statistics is an annual publication that provides a comprehensive overview of Scottish Local Authority financial activity. The publication covers Local Authority income, revenue and capital expenditure, outstanding debt, local taxation and Local Authority pensions.

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October 2013

Unfortunately, we identified an error in Annex B of the Scottish Local Government Financial Statistics 2011-12 publication. This error only affects the ‘HRA Housing Services’ and the ‘Total General Fund Services (inc HRA)’ columns of Annex B. The error does not affect the commentary, headline figures or any other part of the publication.

November 2013

Errors in Table 3.4 and Annex I of the Scottish Local Government and Financial Statistics 2011-12 publication were identified during preparation for the 2012-13 publication. This error affects the majority of figures within these tables. It does not affect the commentary or executive summary.

June 2015

An error was identified where approximately £280 million was mis-classified as a transfer payment, rather than as a third party payment. This affects Table 2.1 and Annex B. The third paragraph of section 2.1 should read “The majority of transfer payments are housing benefits which make up £1.66 billion of the total of £1.99 billion”.

Table 3.4 was amended due to an error in including capital receipts. The total value of capital grants is reduced by £112 million – from £932 million to £820 million.

Annex A was amended due to an error in classifying ring fenced revenue grants (RFRGs) as gross expenditure, instead treated as revenue income (negative). Total gross expenditure and income for this table are decreased by the total value of RFRGs - £511 million. Headline figures or figures quoted in the text are unaffected as they reference chapter 2 tables. All tables are now consistent.

All corrections have been highlighted here in yellow and have been applied to online versions of the publication and accompanying published Excel workbooks.



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