Scottish household survey 2019: supplementary analysis

A compilation of the ad hoc queries for data from the Scottish Household Survey (SHS) received in 2020 during the COVID-19 crisis, updated with the latest data from the 2019 SHS.

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Employment Status of Single Parents
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Image description

This bar chart shows the economic status of single parents, listing the options: “Self-employed”, “Looking after the home or family”, “Employed full-time” and “Employed-part time”.

8% of single parent households were self-employed.

Among the most common employment statuses of single parent households were to look after the home or the family (20%), full-time employment (25%) and part-time employment (28%).

The definition of a single parent does not make any distinction between situations where a child has regular contact and/or partly resides with their other parent and a child who solely resides with and is cared for by one parent.

93% of adults in single pensioner households were permanently retired from work



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