Scottish Health Survey 2015 - volume 2: technical report

Details of the methodology and fieldwork for the Scottish Health Survey 2015.

6 Waist and Hip Circumferences - Use guidelines for 'Easy Check Circumference' tape measure

The 'Easy Check Circumference' tape measures are now being rolled out across all NatCen surveys requiring this measure. These tape measures come with a slider and press button closure.

To take a measurement with the new tape measure, wrap the tape measure around the Participant and click the press button in place at the back of the plastic slider. The red press button should click in the hole at the back of the slider as shown in the image below:

take a measurement with the new tape measure

The plastic slider is gentle and can break if too much pressure is applied when clicking the press button in place. Make sure you press the button in place gently.

To tight the tape around the Participant, pull gently at the other end of the tape. The tape is threaded through the slider and should slide easily to place. To read the measurement, look at the front of the plastic slider. There's a red line to indicate where you should take the reading from as in the image below.

To tight the tape around the Participant


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