Scottish Health Survey 2015 - volume 2: technical report

Details of the methodology and fieldwork for the Scottish Health Survey 2015.

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1 How to use this Manual

This manual sets out the protocols and procedures for all bio-physical measurements and samples that nurses or interviewers may take across NatCen surveys.

Protocols are of paramount importance in collecting data and measurements. Having such strict protocols and procedures means that the information that is collected from Participants is valid, reliable and consistently obtained. It further allows the results to be compared across various factors such as age and location and ultimately means that the highest quality research is conducted and accurate information is given to our clients and policy makers.

The protocols and procedures outlined in this manual have been used by NatCen on various occasions and have been found to be successful. Not only do they provide valid and reliable results but they are also the safest way for the measures to be conducted for both the Participants and the interviewers or nurses.

All protocols and procedures in this manual must be strictly adhered to and must be used in conjunction with the relevant project instructions which provide additional information such as eligibility and exclusion criteria, which are project specific.

For the purposes of this manual an adult is someone who is aged 16 years and older, and a child is aged 15 years or younger. For information on working with different types of people refer to the current version of the NatCen Operations Handbook.

This manual is to be used as an instruction book and a quick reference guide when undertaking Fieldwork.


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