McClelland review of ICT infrastructure in the public sector: our response

Our response to the McClelland review of public sector information and communication technology infrastructure.

Developing National and Sectoral ICT Strategies

We aim to develop and publish a public sector national ICT strategy which sets the context, describes the supporting processes and provides a foundation to take forward the ICT operating framework and the individual public sector strategies. The sector ICT strategies will have to be cognisant of ICT operating framework and any exemplars which are identified for wider re-use.

Early Actions



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National Public Sector ICT Strategy and Sectoral Strategies

Start engagement with public sector and industry stakeholders, and Scottish Government policy areas to consider priorities for both national and sectoral strategies.

September 2011

Develop outline priorities for national strategy document.

October-December 2011

Refine, taking account of feedback from ICT architecture findings.

January 2012

Approval from Public Service Reform Board.

February 2012

Ministerial approval process through Cabinet Sub Committee for Public Service Reform and publish.

March/April 2012

This work will directly support the procurement work to pursue "islands of excellence" based upon any exemplar identified. The high-level architecture will very much set the blueprint for directing the way public sector ICT is developed.



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Methodology Assessment

Explore options for delivering an ICT architecture looking at innovative and open methods.

September 2011

High-Level ICT Architecture

Work with sectoral governance to assess the current landscape and engage with public sector and industry stakeholders.

October-December 2011

Develop draft high-level architecture.

April 2012

Refine and publish operating framework, taking account of feedback and after appropriate board approval process.

June 2012

Standards and Technical Design

Agree scope for a national technical design authority.

December 2011


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