McClelland review of ICT infrastructure in the public sector: our response

Our response to the McClelland review of public sector information and communication technology infrastructure.

McClelland Report: Key Messages

  • The McClelland report identifies a number of areas of good practice, but makes clear that more work is needed now to reduce fragmentation and duplication of ICT services across the public sector. There is also significant scope to pursue further improvements in procurement reform, and to improve engagement with external suppliers, to deliver better value for money. Ministers are clear that this should be given high priority.
  • The report identifies the potential to save between £230m-£300m a year, by 2015/16, out of an annual ICT budget estimated at £1.4bn. Cumulative savings of between £870m and £1bn in the 5 years starting from 2012/13 are estimated. The 2011 Spending Review settlement assumes that savings at these levels will be made in the ICT budgets of the public sector.
  • Urgent action is needed across all parts of the Scottish Public Sector and Higher and Further Education, to build on best practice and improve the way that ICT infrastructure and services are procured and deployed.
  • Public bodies will be expected to secure improved value for money that is being obtained from all current and planned ICT expenditure. Ministers expect all public bodies to have clear plans in place to achieve cost reductions in their ICT budgets.
  • Ministers have set clear expectations that public bodies will work collaboratively in their procurement and use of ICT. All public bodies must have ICT strategies that embrace effective collaboration and cost sharing with partners.
  • Public bodies should also grasp the opportunity to be more active in deploying ICT to support on-line provision of public services, to unlock further operational and delivery efficiencies, and to respond to demands from service users.


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