McClelland review of ICT infrastructure in the public sector: our response

Our response to the McClelland review of public sector information and communication technology infrastructure.


Delivering the vision described in the McClelland report, as well as the Digital Strategy will require substantial and prolonged engagement with all parts of the public sector and with the ICT industry. Therefore a key early priority is to ensure that we move to put in place mechanisms that will provide the governance necessary to deliver the vision, and to ensure that each part of the public sector and the ICT industry contribute to the fullest extent possible.

Following the publication of both the McClelland Review and the Christie Commission Scottish Ministers agreed to set up two Cabinet Sub Committees on Public Service Reform and Digital. Given the relationship both have with Public Sector ICT this gave a clear steer on the priority for taking forward the review recommendations.

The Cabinet Sub Committee for Public Service Reform will be served by a Public Service Reform Board ( PSRB) which is made up of senior officials and Chief Executives from across the Public Sector. This Board will meet for the first time on 30 September 2011 and will be responsible for Reform, Public Sector ICT, and related Digital Public Services.

In addition, we have set up an Public Sector ICT Industry Board which will be served by an industry led group supported by Scotland IS which covers large and SME suppliers and related organisations. An initial session with over 100 representatives of the ICT Industry has been set up for September 2011. This will inform the board membership and remit. As recommended in the review, we are working with the sectors to develop the governance for Public sector ICT capitalising on the best practice or existing structures to ensure we don't duplicate effort.

The governance landscape for Public Sector ICT also links with Digital and Procurement as well as the wider reform initiatives, which recognises the cross cutting nature of Public Sector ICT. With this in mind, the illustration below covers the Public Sector ICT elements but needs to be seen in the context of the wider Public Service Reform, Procurement and Digital governance which form the bigger picture.

The governance should be established prior to the creation of a national ICT strategy document, so that the board is in a position to guide the process, and ultimately approve the outcomes that must feature in a national ICT strategy.

Governance Chart

Early Actions

Deliverable Task Complete by
National Board
Establish a National Board. September 2011
Create supporting processes and secretariat. September
Identify suitably experienced people to contribute to specialised responsibility areas. November 2011
Oversight boards for each part of the public sector Public sector engagement, including national support and direction. September 2011
Ensure Scottish Government family and other sectors arrange a system of delegated authority to formalise the decisions of the National Board and sector oversight groups. November 2011
Ongoing support and communication through the Programme Office. Ongoing


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