Grenfell Inquiry phase 1 recommendations: Scottish Government response

Scottish Government response to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 recommendations produced for Scottish Ministers by the Scottish Government Grenfell Inquiry Fire Safety Working Group (GIFSWG ).

Annex C: Group memberships and remits

Grenfell Inquiry Fire Safety Working Group

Terms of Reference


1) The Group will be collectively responsible for considering the 46 recommendations from the Grenfell Inquiry Phase 1 report recommendations; and what actions, if any are needed to implement these recommendations in Scotland, focusing on outcomes. Where it is agreed that recommendations will not be implemented in Scotland, sound reasoning will be provided.

2) 23 of the recommendations are directed at London Fire Brigade (LFB), 14 are directed at those who own or are responsible for high rise buildings; 8 are directed at LFB, the London Ambulance Service (LAS) and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) jointly; 1 is directed specifically at the UK Government.

3) The Group will also be responsible for ensuring that the final 2 recommendations for the Fire Safety Regime Review Group are implemented (Specialised Housing Guidance and a Common Areas safety campaign).

4) The Group will have overall responsibility for the monitoring and evaluation of all the outputs of the 6 recommendations made by the Review Group to the Ministerial Working Group.

Action and Timescales

5) An agreed work plan will be developed, informed by initial consideration of all the recommendations prior to, and decisions by, the next MWG meeting of 11 June 2020. 

6) This assessment will include approximate timeframes to deliver any actions identified.

Reporting Structure 

7) The Group will report to Deputy Director for Safer Communities and Deputy Director for Better Homes once in place, and then the Ministerial Working Group.


8) The Group will meet at least monthly, but more frequently if required. This frequency will be assessed as work the recommendations are implemented.



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