Race recruitment and retention - an instigation for change: action plan

Our race recruitment and retention action plan details the action we will take to deliver our vision to be a world-leading diverse employer where racial equality is achieved. The Plan’s anti-racist approach covers five priorities to redistribute power and foster cultural change.

Delivery and Reporting

By publishing the Plan internally, we seek to be transparent about the action we are taking, the progress we are making and the challenges we are facing. We do this to hold ourselves accountable and to be held accountable by all. We will be open about our data, publishing as much as we can and inviting scrutiny and challenge. 

We will work in collaboration with our Union colleagues under recognised partnership agreements, and with our Race Equality Network so that we build and deliver the Plan with those who are most affected by it. 

Colleagues from both groups will be invited to sit on the governance group which will oversee the implementation of this Plan. The Plan will be followed by annual delivery plans and we will publish progress every 6 months. 


Email: Diversityteam@gov.scot

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