Fossil fuel energy sector overseas - trade promotion support: policy

Information about the Scottish Government policy on trade promotion support for the fossil fuel energy sector overseas.

3. Ensuring Consistency with Equivalent UK Government Policy

We received strong feedback from the industry on the importance of being aligned with the UK Government on the operationalisation of the policy. Furthermore, we understand that the majority of companies directly affected by this policy, work with and receive support from both the UK Government and the Scottish Government.

We took on board this feedback and are applying our policy in a way that is consistent with the UK Government on the practical scope of exemptions and their interpretation in order to avoid creating any unintended divergence or confusion.

From 31 March 2021 the UK Government changed the support they provide for the fossil fuel energy sector overseas. However, they provided a grace period for SMEs by extending the date until 31 March 2022. We have decided to align with this and will use the same date for application of this policy to SMEs with respect to overseas trade promotion support provided by Scottish Government and our Agencies.

At section 5 of this document there is a link to the UK Government guidance which sets out what is exempt from the policy, guidance on how the policy will apply to specific areas and areas not covered by the policy.



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