Fossil fuel energy sector overseas - trade promotion support: policy

Information about the Scottish Government policy on trade promotion support for the fossil fuel energy sector overseas.

2. The Importance of Oil and Gas Sector for a Just Transition in Scotland

The oil and gas sector supports around 100,000 jobs in Scotland and has a vital role to play, in Scotland's energy security and resilience, now as well as into the future.

Crucially, the infrastructure, skills and expertise of the oil, gas and offshore sector are a huge asset, in helping us to achieve our target of net zero emissions by 2045 . We believe that the oil and gas sector will help Scotland become a world leader in emerging areas – such as hydrogen production and supply, carbon capture and storage, and offshore wind.

The oil and gas sector is already moving ahead on its just transition journey as evidenced by the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions across the UK from their 1990 levels. Scottish Government recognises the leadership shown by Scotland-based oil and gas and offshore sector businesses in that positive climate action. We understand that this energy transition is a process and we are committed to supporting projects across the decarbonisation spectrum. This policy is fully aligned with the letter and spirit of that commitment.

Scottish Government has, and will continue to work closely with the oil and gas sector to enable a safe, effective and just energy transition.

The Scottish Government response to the Just Transition Commission, commits to producing guidance for businesses who wish to use the National Just Transition Planning Framework to develop their own Just Transition Plans. We will focus early efforts and engagement on that guidance, due in early 2022, on businesses impacted by this policy change.

Our Energy Strategy refresh will be the first Just Transition Plan and it will seek to provide the certainty and scale of ambition to drive investment and accelerate Scotland's energy transition.

This particular policy is part of that wider, planned approach to a just transition. This policy aims to enable an accelerated growth in renewable energy exports by refocusing Scottish Government trade support and promotion to ensure that it is promoting the energy transition within the international arena, and also showcasing the capability of Scotland's enterprise in the energy supply chain.

Scotland's ambition is to lead in the supply chain that delivers both energy security and optimal progress to net zero. We will ensure that Scotland becomes a leader in the global supply chain for sustainable and low carbon and energy transition technology.[1] We will do this in partnership with our industry stakeholders by making use of all that we do best: services, advanced manufacturing, innovation, finance, engineering and design.



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