Exotic animal diseases communications strategy: August 2022

This communications strategy is for use in the event of a disease outbreak, whether a major outbreak with widespread disease, or a more limited incident.

11. Exit strategy

11.1 Communications requirements will be continually reviewed throughout the duration of the outbreak. As the incident response winds down there will still be a need to engage with stakeholder groups and the wider public until all issues arising as a result of the disease control response have been resolved. It is also important that stakeholders and the public are notified when all restrictions have been lifted and there is a return to normal conditions.

11.2 As disease control response activities are scaled back, the Communications Coordinator will determine on-going communication needs. If, as part of the scaling back, the Communications Coordinator is released to return to their normal duties, the Head of the Scottish Government's Disease Control Branch will perform this role.


Email: Animal.Health@gov.scot

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