Scottish Government consolidated accounts: 2018-2019

Annual report of consolidated financial results of the Scottish Government, its Executive Agencies and the Crown Office, prepared in accordance with IFRS.

20. Third Party Assets

Assets held at Statement of Financial Position date to which monetary value can be assigned:

2017-18 Gross Inflows Gross Outflows 2018-19
£m £m £m £m
Monetary amounts such as bank balances and monies on deposit 34 46 (50) 30
Unclaimed dividends and unapplied balances 15 - (2) 13
Total Monetary Assets 49 46 (52) 43

Accountant in Bankruptcy holds funds of £32m (2017-18: £38m) on behalf of third parties. This mainly comprises realised assets that are held whilst awaiting repayment to the public purse or distribution to creditors with a value of £20m (2017-18: £24m). The balance of £12m (2017-18: £14m) relates to money consigned in respect of unclaimed dividends and unapplied balances.

The NHS Bodies hold money on behalf of patients. This totalled £9m in 2018-19 (2017-18: £9m).

The Scottish Prison Service also holds £1m on behalf of prisoners (2017-18: £1m).

Other Assets held at the Statement of Financial Position date all relate to Accountant in Bankruptcy:

Description 2018-19 2017-18
Number held Number held
Residential property 925 1,057
Motor vehicles, boats and caravans 14 23
Life Policies 175 140
Shares and Investments 31 99
Miscellaneous 204 186

No third party assets have been included within the Statement of Financial Position.



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