Scottish farm business income: annual estimates 2021-2022

Farm business level estimates of average incomes for 2021-2022. A National Statistics publication for Scotland.

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Breakdown of farm income

Contributors to total average farm income can be summarised into income from:

  • agricultural activity
  • contracting activity
  • diversified activity
  • support payments

Figure 7: Breakdown of contributions to farm income by farm type, in 2021-22

A stacked bar chart shows the contributions to average farm income from support payments, diversified income and agricultural income, for different farm types.

Farms on average made a loss from agricultural activity of £5,500 in 202122. This was a smaller loss than in 202021, when the average loss from agricultural activity was £12,600.

Some farm types typically make a profit on average while others make a loss. In 202122, livestock farm types made a loss from agricultural activity, while cereal, general cropping, dairy and mixed farms made a profit. LFA sheep farms made the largest average loss from agricultural activity in 202122, of around £38,000.

Average incomes from support payments, contracting and diversified activities vary less than agricultural income by farm type. The average farm in 202122 made a profit of £44,600 from support payments and grants, £5,000 from contract farming and £6,000 from diversified activities.



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