Health screening: equity in screening strategy 2023 to 2026

The Scottish equity in screening strategy tackles inequalities within the screening programmes.

Appendix 3: An overview of current national projects to support reducing screening inequalities

National level work, which supports reduced screening inequalities, is outlined below.

The Scottish Government Screening Inequalities Fund supports work on tackling inequalities in access to cancer screening services across Scotland. In place since 2017, the fund continues to support NHS Boards implement targeted interventions.

Public Health Scotland continue to review and develop high-quality information 'for screening awareness' and 'invitation to screen'. It produces these in four core languages - with further translations available on request - as well as easy read, large print, and audio formats.

Scottish Government has invested in and continues to support the Detect Cancer Early (DCE) Programme. This includes building greater public awareness of signs and symptoms of cancer through existing campaigns, with additional campaigns to be developed to reach those in areas of deprivation.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland are working to embed inequalities in the development of new core screening standards. These will support screening programmes to be delivered to a high quality, in robust and resilient manner, and meet the needs of individuals. Other projects underway to achieve quality standards include a review of call-recall for all screening programmes and a review of informed decision making, both led by NHS National Services Scotland (NHS NSS).

NHS NSS is leading a programme of Screening Digital Modernisation to use digital capabilities within screening programmes to innovate, improve services and deliver a sustainable service. This will include development of a Screening Intelligence Platform, to make better use of data and intelligence to improve the health and wellbeing of the population.

The Breast Screening Modernisation Programme led by NHS NSS will consider the recommendations from the Major Review of the Scottish Breast Screening Programme 2021. The programme will embrace improvement and innovation to ensure our breast screening programme is high quality, efficient, resilient, and sustainable, and that it will meet the needs of all participants.

A new Research and Innovation Group (RIG) has been established by NHS NSS, to develop a consistent and coherent strategic approach to the promotion and facilitation of research and innovation across all Scottish screening programmes. Gaps in the evidence base can be highlighted through this group.



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