Scotland's support for displaced people from Ukraine: Super Sponsor Scheme review

Following the Scottish super sponsor scheme pause and review, this paper outlines the interventions that have been identified to improve the scheme and support offered to displaced people from Ukraine.

Annex B

Criteria for Reopening

As part of the review, a set of criteria was also developed with support of key stakeholders against which plans for reopening could be objectively considered. The proposed criteria is as follows:

  • Displaced people already in Scotland are in safe and suitable accommodation;
  • Welcome accommodation is available for people who are yet to travel, with a pipeline of longer-term properties available;
  • Displaced people can access information and advice about relevant services and support;
  • Measures are in place to mitigate pressures on local councils and services;
  • Clear understanding of the costs related to re-opening the scheme and confirmation funding is place to cover these;
  • Clear understanding of the challenges of re-opening the scheme, and how these will be managed;
  • Assessment of the current situation in Ukraine, including unexpected or unforeseen developments in the war leading to mass migration events.



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