Scotland's support for displaced people from Ukraine: Super Sponsor Scheme review

Following the Scottish super sponsor scheme pause and review, this paper outlines the interventions that have been identified to improve the scheme and support offered to displaced people from Ukraine.

Current Situation

27. Following the pause to the scheme, the number of super sponsor visa holders stabilised at around 30,000. Since then, arrival figures have consistently remained high with some general fluctuations week-to-week.

28. To date, 17,463 (57%) of the 30,629 eligible super sponsor visa-holders have arrived in the UK. Not all who arrive have required short-term accommodation, and there are currently around 7,000 people in Scottish Government hotels and passenger ships[5].

29. It is very difficult to predict with certainty how many of the remaining 13,166 visa-holders may decide to travel, and if so when they may arrive. Developments in the war will have a significant bearing on actual behaviour. What is clear, however, is that arrival rates have remained high and visa-holders continue to arrive.

30. Despite considerable investment in time and resource by a range of partners and community organisations, Scotland's supply of 'welcome hub' short-term accommodation remains under significant pressure, with the number of weekly departures from hotels not yet at a scale to support new additional applications, in addition to supporting the on-going arrival of pre-existing visa-holders.



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