Scotland's support for displaced people from Ukraine: Super Sponsor Scheme review

Following the Scottish super sponsor scheme pause and review, this paper outlines the interventions that have been identified to improve the scheme and support offered to displaced people from Ukraine.

Annex A

16 Interventions to Guide Improvement
  Intervention Description Purpose Timeframe
1. Improved Clarity in Pre-Arrival Communications Refreshed communications giving accurate reflection of limited availability of accommodation; prioritisation for those most in need (e.g. families) and request accommodation booked in advance. Improved clarity around what to expect Immediate
2. Refined Arrival Script and Communications No longer assume all arrivals require accommodation; better prioritisation for most in need; clearer expectation stay is short-term until accommodation secured; advice and integration from day one. Improved clarity around what to expect Immediate
3. Strengthening of Matching Taking steps to better support and expand resources to assist local authority resettlement teams finalise longer-term accommodation for guests, as well as identify opportunities to match ahead of arrival. Local resources Immediate
4. Social Housing Introduce capital fund and programme of work aimed at registered social landlords to improve the overall supply of housing stock for arrivals. Sustainability Immediate
5. Scotland Call for Volunteers Scottish campaign to secure volunteer hosts for those currently in short-term accommodation, with improved geographical targeting and clarity on role, expectations and support. Increased supply of volunteer hosts Short-Term
6. Greater Emphasis on Employability Improved coordination with councils, third and private sectors, Skills Development Scotland and DWP to ensure arrivals can seek out and secure employment, including through job fairs. Empowerment of arrivals Short-Term
7. Local Welcome Working closely with third sector, consulates and Eastern European communities to bring alive cities, towns and villages across Scotland through digital content and case-studies. Empowerment of arrivals Short-Term
8. National Approach to Re-Matching Work with local authorities to finalise consistent approach to 're-matching', where there has been a breakdown in host arrangements for super sponsor or private sponsor visa-holder. Improved clarity around what to expect Short-Term
9. Refinement of Accommodation Offer Improve sustainability of the programme by adjusting provision of accommodation and wider hospitality, including consideration of time limits and contributions, depending on needs and income of guests. Sustainability Short-Term
10. Warm Welcome Grant Consider and test feasibility of grants programme aimed at financial support to those leaving short-term accommodation, recognising the barriers around this important milestone. Empowerment of arrivals Medium-Term
11. Private Rental Assistance Improved advice on renting privately, as well as identifying and testing interventions which may include deposit guarantees recognising the potential for wider application for other groups. Empowerment of arrivals Medium-Term
12. Self-Matching Infrastructure Facilitated 'in-person' matching events and exploration of digital solutions aimed at allowing arrival to 'self-match' using a directory of approved hosts prior to a facilitated introductory meeting. Empowerment of arrivals Medium-Term
13. Modular Housing Working with our partners to identify potential sites for modular housing and analysis of modular design options for both short-term and longer-term application. Sustainability Medium-Term
14. Approach to Matching Looking at evidence of delivery to date, a targeted project reviewing the most efficient delivery model for this type of service, with consideration of other public and third sector organisations. Sustainability Medium-Term
15. Headlease Scheme Scoping potential for a national 'headleasing' scheme to incentive landlords to provide accommodation thereby reducing barriers for those seeking to access privately rented accommodation. Sustainability Longer-Term
16. Research and International Best Practice Working with universities, academics and policy-makers both at home and abroad to ensure Scotland continues to provide the best possible welcome for people displaced by the war in Ukraine Continuous Improvement On-Going



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