Scotland’s Redress Scheme: contributor list

Organisations participating in the redress scheme by making a fair and meaningful financial contribution. Scotland’s Redress Scheme is for survivors of historical abuse in care.

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Scottish Prison Service

Scottish Prison Service is an Executive agency of the Scottish Ministers.

Date added to contributor list

8 December 2021

Date removed from contributor list (if relevant): N/A
Removal with retrospective effect (yes/no): N/A

Commitment made

Pay agreed proportion of all determined cases where relevant as a place where abuse took place.

Acknowledgment letter

The Scottish Prison Service on behalf of Scottish Ministers,  fully support and are committed to the opportunity to participate in the redress scheme for survivors of historical child abuse in care in Scotland.

As part of the national collective to endeavour to address the harms of the past, it is of vital importance that we firstly acknowledge the harm that children experienced whilst in our care and state that the experiences of children who have experienced abuse are not to be underestimated.  We understand that we cannot repair those experiences, but we do want to do all that we can in redress. 

In taking this step, the Scottish Prison Service accept unreservedly that many children were hurt and damaged while in our care.  We believe those children suffered physical and emotional trauma and abuse when we were entrusted with their care.  We acknowledge and wholly accept the pain and suffering inflicted on victims and survivors which has a profound and enduring impact. 

Without reservation, we apologise for the suffering to each child and deeply regret the way their lives have been impacted by the enduring effects of abuse.  In acknowledging the wrongfulness and the harm of historical child abuse, we are sorry for not listening better, are sorry for not hearing better and are sorry for not always trusting the words of children.  We fully accept we must do better to protect all children in our care. 

As a participant in the scheme we note that we will be publicly listed as the Scottish Prison Service, through the Redress Payments Determined route (a case by case approach). As part of this we will contribute up to two-thirds or £10,000, whichever is greater, of every application which Scottish Ministers determine is to be allocated to the Scottish Prison Service.  

Teresa Medhurst
Interim Chief Executive, SPS
December 2021


Email enquiries about the statutory scheme:
If you are unsure of the organisation with responsibility for a particular care setting we will do our best to advise. Telephone: 0808 196 1502

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