Scotland’s Redress Scheme: contributor list

Organisations participating in the redress scheme by making a fair and meaningful financial contribution. Scotland’s Redress Scheme is for survivors of historical abuse in care.

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The Salesians of Don Bosco

The Trustees of the Salesians of Don Bosco UK, an unincorporated association of religious men (registered as a charity in England and Wales with charity number 233779 and in Scotland with charity number SC039294), of:
Salesian Provincial Office
Thornleigh House
Sharples Park
BL1 6PQ.

Date added to contributor list

8 December 2021

Date removed from contributor list (if relevant): N/A
Removal with retrospective effect (yes/no): N/A

Commitment made

Pay agreed proportion of all determined cases where relevant as a place where abuse took place.

Acknowledgment letter

I write as the Provincial of the British (GBR) Province of the Religious Congregation the Salesians of Don Bosco, that works as the registered charity the Salesians of Don Bosco UK, to inform you of the Salesian Trustees' decision to participate in the Redress Scotland provision as a Payments Determined Contributor.

The Salesians of Don Bosco were the providers of the following historical residential care provision in Scotland:

  1.  St Teresa's (residential care home for boys), Hillside House, Aberdour, Fife, KY3 ORH (19501960).
  2. St John Bosco School (Approved School and then List D School for boys), Hillside House, Aberdour, Fife, KY3 ORH (1960-1983).
  3.  Bosco House (residential care home for boys), 7 Hamilton Road, Mount Vernon, Glasgow, (332 9QD (1972-1984).

Accompanying your introduction of the Redress Bill, as Deputy First Minister, was the clear statement that 'Scotland has a moral imperative to address the wrongs of the past, while acknowledging that nothing can ever make up for the suffering that survivors have endured' as a result of abuse suffered as children in care.

As a past provider of childcare provision in Scotland, we the Salesians of Don Bosco, acknowledge with the deepest regret our share in the wrongs of the past, and our responsibility to reach out to those who were abused in the homes and school that we provided. The fundamental principles of dignity, respect and compassion for survivors of abuse, that underline the Redress Scheme, are principles with which we identify and which we wish to embrace as a scheme Contributor.

St John Bosco, our founder, working for the poor and homeless youth of 19th century Turin saw the young he worked for as 'that part of human society which is so exposed and yet so rich in promise'. Abuse can, and does, impact that promise.

We commend the Scottish Government's initiative in introducing and securing parliamentary approval for the Redress Scotland provision.

Rev J G Briody SDB
December 2021


Email enquiries about the statutory scheme:
If you are unsure of the organisation with responsibility for a particular care setting we will do our best to advise. Telephone: 0808 196 1502

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