Scotland’s Redress Scheme: contributor list

Organisations participating in the redress scheme by making a fair and meaningful financial contribution. Scotland’s Redress Scheme is for survivors of historical abuse in care.

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Action for Children

Action for Children registered charity numbers 1097940 and SC038092 and registered in England and Wales under number 04764232 and whose registered address is at 3 The Boulevard, Ascot Road, Watford WD18 8AG.

Date added to contributor list

7 November 2023

Date removed from contributor list (if relevant): N/A
Removal with retrospective effect (yes/no): N/A

Commitment made

Pay agreed proportion of all determined cases where relevant as a place where abuse took place.

Acknowledgment letter

We are writing to confirm Action for Children’s participation in Redress Scotland.

Action for Children’s support for children began in 1869, when Reverend Dr Thomas Bowman Stephenson took action to help children living on the streets and we opened our first service in Scotland in 1955.  

Whilst we have always striven to provide care and support of a high quality for children and young people that places children at the centre of what we do, we acknowledge and deeply apologise for the harm caused in our care settings to victims of historic abuse and recognise the damaging impact that child abuse has on victims.

Our absolute priority is to keep children and young people safe, and we have robust safeguarding policies and procedures in place to ensure the lessons of the past have been learnt.

Deanna Neilson

Director of Safeguarding


Email enquiries about the statutory scheme:
If you are unsure of the organisation with responsibility for a particular care setting we will do our best to advise. Telephone: 0808 196 1502

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