Scotland's place in Europe: assessment of UK Government's proposed future relationship with the EU

Our assessment of the UK Government's proposed future relationship with the EU.

3. Constitutional Implications

41. The UK Government’s approach to withdrawal from the EU has profound implications for the constitutional arrangements of the UK, and the devolution settlements. The UK Government has already taken the unprecedented step of imposing legislation, in the face of overwhelming rejection by the Scottish Parliament, enabling it to constrain devolved powers. In the draft Withdrawal Agreement it has now ignored the views of the people of Scotland by rejecting any possibility of a closer and different relationship for Scotland with the EU, while seeking – rightly and properly – such a relationship for Northern Ireland. The views of the people, Parliament and Government of Scotland have not been reflected or respected in the objectives or approach of the UK Government to the negotiations, calling into question any claim that the UK is a partnership of nations, or any claim for respect for Scotland within the Union.


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