National cancer plan: progress report - August 2022

Scotland's national cancer plan comes to completion in March 2023. This report uses insights from the available evidence to update on progress against all 68 actions in the plan as at 31 August 2022.

List of Abbreviations

ATMP Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Product

CCE Colon Capsule Endoscopy

CEL 30 Chief Executive Letter 30 (Guidance for the Safe Delivery of SACT)

CEPAS Chemotherapy Electronic Prescribing and Administration Systems

CfSD Centre for Sustainable Delivery

CMOP Cancer Medicines Outcome Programme

CNS Clinical Nurse Specialist

CPISG Cancer Prehabilitation Implementation Steering Group

CSW Clinical Support Worker

CT scan Computerised Tomography

CTAC Community Treatment and Care

DaS Digital and Security

DCE Detect Cancer Early

ECDC Early Cancer Diagnostic Centres

ENT Ear, Nose and Throat

ERAS Enhanced Recovery After Cancer Surgery programme

FIT Faecal Immunochemical Testing

HIS Healthcare Improvement Scotland

HNA Holistic Needs Assessment

HPV Human papillomavirus

HSCP Health and Social Care Partnership

ICJ Improving the Cancer Journey

LINAC Linear Accelerator

MCNs Managed Clinical Networks

MRI scan Magnetic Resonance Imaging

NCA North Cancer Alliance

NCDA National Cancer Diagnosis Audit

NCMAG National Cancer Medicines Advisory Group

NCRG National Cancer Recovery Group

NMP Non-Medical Prescribing

NRS National Records of Scotland

NSD NHS National Services Division

PET scan Positron emission tomography

PHCC Pancreatic & Hepatocellular Cancer

PHCCPIP Pancreatic & Hepatocellular Cancer – Pathway Improvement Project

PHS Public Health Scotland

PROM Patient Reported Outcome Measures

PSMA Prostate-specific membrane antigen - see PET Scan

qFIT Quantitative Faecal Immunochemical Test

QPI Quality Performance Indicators

RAG Red, Amber, Green (progress ratings)

RAS Robotic Assisted Surgery

RCDS Rapid Cancer Diagnostic Service

SACT Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy

SCAN South East Scotland Cancer Network

SCC Scottish Cancer Coalition

SCN Scottish Cancer Network

SCR Scottish Cancer Referral

SCRG Scottish Cancer Referral Guidelines

SCRIS Scottish Cancer Registry and Intelligence Service

SIMD Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation

SLWG Short Life Working Group

SPoC Single Point of Contact

SSNGM Scottish Strategic Network for Genomic Medicine

TCC Transforming Cancer Care

TSOG Treatment Summaries Oversight Group

UKNSC UK National Screening Committee

USC Urgent Suspicion of Cancer

UTI Urinary Tract Infection

WoSCAN West of Scotland Cancer Network



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