Scotland's Labour Market: People, Places, and Regions - Statistics from the Annual Population Survey 2019

Summary publication of results from the Annual Population Survey 2019, presenting analysis on the labour market, education and training.

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Other Sources

Access to Annual Population Survey data

Supporting data for all indicators at local authority level are available in the publication Scotland's Labour Market- People Places and Regions – Background Tables

Scottish Government Open Data Platform

It is also published on nomisweb

A range of statistics from the Annual Population Survey are also published by the Office for National Statistics.

Monthly Labour Market Statistics

Monthly labour Market statistics based on the Labour Force Survey are published at:

Including a Labour Market Trends and Labour Market Monthly brief published each month.

This additional monthly brief, published soon after Scotland's Labour Market Trends contains latest key statistics for Scotland from the Labour Force Survey, Annual Population Survey, alternative claimant count and the claimant count and covers topics including:

  • Labour market outcomes for equality groups
  • Labour market indicators excluding full-time education
  • Latest alternative claimant count and claimant count by age and local authority, for Scotland and the UK

Other labour market outputs

Youth labour market data (16 to 24 years) for Scotland

Latest Labour market information for young people 16 to 24 years for Scotland, sourced from the Annual Population Survey (January 2019 to December 2019), is published in a quarterly release.

Other SG labour market publications from the Annual Population Survey

Annual Population Survey: Results for the year to 31st December 2019

Other SG labour market publications

Quarterly Public Sector Employment Q4 2019

Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2019

Other topical publications can be found at:

Disabled people in the labour market in Scotland 2018



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