Scotland's International Framework: Pakistan engagement strategy

Outlines key areas of engagement between Pakistan and Scotland.

Strategic Objective 3 - Reputation and Attractiveness


We are committed to building our reputation and international attractiveness by celebrating and promoting our culture and values, boosting our export performance, ensuring that Scotland remains an attractive location for investment and building on our education research capability.

Energy and Water

A key priority of the Government of Pakistan is energy and there are opportunities for Scotland in both academia and business to work in wind, solar, small hydro systems, smart grids and energy efficiency, across both the commercial and domestic fronts. Clean water is a continuing challenge for Pakistan [10] and we will work to increase the sharing of Scottish academic and business expertise around energy and water technologies, with a particular focus on rural areas.

The Scottish Government is committed to making Scotland a Hydro Nation, sharing our expertise in water treatment and management to help nurture it for long-term and sustainable use. We will look for opportunities to partner with Pakistan on sharing best practice on both the management of water and the use of water purification and waste-water treatment technologies. Collaboration in this way can enhance Scotland's profile but will also provide social and economic benefit to Pakistan.

Scotland and Pakistan both have a strong tradition of entrepreneurship. We will look at how we can build on this and support young entrepreneurs to develop business based around new technologies in energy and water.

What is our long-term ambition?

  • Establishment of collaborative relationships between Scotland and Pakistan in water and energy.
  • Understand how Scottish technologies for water purification, waste water treatment and flood mitigation in rural areas can be used in Pakistan.
  • Contribute to Sustainable Development Goal Six to ensure access to water and sanitation for all.
  • Contribute to Sustainable Development Goal Seven to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

Energy and Water

Culture and Heritage

Pakistan has a diverse and rich culture that creates endless opportunity to enrich Scottish culture and artistic practice and to build long lasting partnerships. There is also a wealth of Scottish expertise that can assist and inspire Pakistani practitioners. Scottish Government activities (networking, influencing, making connections, championing) are designed to encourage and create the right conditions for the cultural sector to engage. This engagement can look at areas of mutual interest including the use of disability in the arts and the protection of the historic environment.

What is our long-term ambition?

  • Development of long-term cultural relationships between Scotland and Pakistan.
  • Greater awareness around Pakistani culture in Scotland and Scottish culture in Pakistan.
  • Maximised impact of Scottish cultural activity in Pakistan through effective coordination with other Scottish agencies and partners.
  • Contribution towards improving Scotland's sustainable economic growth by promoting the visibility of Scottish cultural acts in Pakistan.

European Union

Aim: Encourage engagement with the
European Union.

Our ambitions for working with Pakistan align with the first three objectives of the International Framework. However, within this objective it is important that Scotland presents its views as appropriate on any EU-Pakistan agreements or collaborations.


This strategy for engagement with Pakistan is clearly aligned with the Scottish Government's overarching International Framework. Reporting on the success of the delivery of this engagement strategy will be through the International Framework's reporting mechanisms, such as the updates to the framework's accompanying policy statement.

Culture and Heritage


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