Scotland's International Framework: Pakistan engagement strategy

Outlines key areas of engagement between Pakistan and Scotland.

Strategic Objective 2 - Relationship And Partnerships


We will work with partners to share local knowledge and build bilateral relationships and networks. We will continue to be a good global citizen, making distinctive contributions to addressing global challenges such as climate change, tackling inequality and promoting human rights. A relationship of trust, collaboration and mutual benefit is more likely to lead to long-term co-operation. We will build on the increasing engagement between the governments of Scotland and Pakistan at national and provincial level, including developing our established links with the provincial governments of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Education and Skills

The Government of Pakistan is focused on raising academic and vocational standards of education and training. A large youth population (approximately 40 million 10-19 year olds) and a literacy rate of 58% [5] provides tremendous opportunities for Scotland. Scotland has a global reputation for its approach to inclusive education and curriculum development [6] and as such can partner with Pakistan to support development in these areas. We can also look at how we can use modern technology to connect more classrooms and teachers in Pakistan and Scotland, developing closer links at a young age.

In higher education, Scotland has a global reputation for the quality of its research. Five Scottish universities feature in the world's top 200 [7] and funding is in place to enable research partnerships and further collaboration. We will capitalise on this by partnering with Pakistan in specialised areas such as aviation, dentistry, energy, water, life science, agriculture and business. We will share information regarding the development of on-line learning. In addition we will extend the Saltire Scholarships programme to Pakistan to encourage more Pakistani students to study in Scotland.

Equality of opportunity in education is vital. Through our International Development Fund the Scottish Government is contributing to access for women and disadvantaged groups in Pakistan to education and skills development, as well as for schoolchildren from rural areas to continue their education [8] .

The development of skills for employability is also crucial. By 2020 we are looking at providing 500,000 skills and learning opportunities in Scotland [9] and will share information about modern apprenticeships and help develop an apprenticeship programme in Pakistan that can have a focus on the most disadvantaged.

What is our long-term ambition?

  • Sustainable, long-term collaborative relationships between Pakistani and Scottish children, young people, students and educationalists across all sectors.
  • Scotland and Pakistan's education, skills and research strengths are enhanced, recognised, and increased in economic value.
  • Encourage the development of apprenticeship programmes in Pakistan.
  • Increase opportunities for women and disadvantaged groups to access education in Pakistan.
  • Contribute to Sustainable Development Goal Four to ensure inclusive education.

Education and Skills


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