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Scotland the Hydro Nation

Hydro Nation

The Scottish Government is committed to making Scotland a Hydro Nation.  Our water resource is significant and in a world demanding more food and water, there is good reason to nurture it for long term sustainable use.

Water is of fundamental importance for Scotland’s economy, health, social wellbeing and environment. All businesses rely on the water environment in some way or another and water plays a prominent role in the success of many sectors of the economy. Some are of strategic importance to Scotland’s economy, such as tourism, food and drinks manufacturing and renewable energy generation.

The hydro-economy provides huge opportunities for Scotland which we are determined to seize.  Establishing Scotland as a Hydro Nation will maximise the benefits to the Scottish economy through the economic development and good stewardship of Scotland’s abundant water resources.

The Scottish Government will support the development of Scotland’s hydro economy and the enormous potential that this brings.  There are 3 main aspects of the Hydro Nation agenda:

  • Utilising Scottish expertise to maximise the economic benefit of our abundant water resources within a sound ecological context by reducing energy use, improving efficiency and creating a low carbon water nation.
  • Raising our international profile through recognition of Scotland as an international leader on water management and governance – The first Hydro Nation.
  • Developing a water centre of expertise and research with international reach.

We are working with the enterprise agencies to identify any further areas for action.

Water is a global resource and Scotland is raising its international profile as a Hydro Nation through knowledge exchange and developing trade opportunities for services, manufacturing and research and supporting international water aid.  Scotland as a Hydro Nation will gain direct economic benefit and enjoy an enhanced international profile.

Notes of Hydro Nation Forum meetings:

17 June 2016 - Hydro Nation Forum meeting note;

23 November 2015 – Hydro Nation Forum meeting note;

27 May 2015 - Hydro Nation Forum meeting note;

11 December 2014 - Hydro Nation Forum meeting note;

4 June 2014 - Hydro Nation Forum meeting note;

11 December 2013 - Hydro Nation Forum meeting note;

5 June 2013 - Hydro Nation Forum meeting note; and

3 December 2012 - Hydro Nation Forum metting note.


Below are links to Hydro Nation related documentation:

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UN World Water Day

World Water Day is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. To find out more about a series of events which have been organised by key stakeholders to mark the World Water Day, please select the link http://www.worldwaterday.org

World Water Day 2016 -  The Scottish Government in association with University of Dundee, the University of Strathclyde, and the International Water Resources Association will be marking World Water Day with an event located at Dundee University. The event is free but ticketed, and also available to be viewed online.

In this cross-disciplinary event, experts from a wide range of water-focused institutions will exchange perspectives and predictions regarding the impact of the UN's new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the water sector. The contributions of Scotland’s Hydro Nation program and other international programs toward achieving the SDGs will be highlighted as the speakers and panelists explore cutting edge solutions to global water issues.