Future fisheries: management strategy - 2020 to 2030

Through the delivery of our Future Fisheries Management Strategy we set our vision for Scotland to be a world class fishing nation, delivering responsible and sustainable fisheries management.


1. Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics 2019, Marine Scotland.

2. National Outcomes

3. World Bank, 2017

4. REM refers to the remote monitoring of fishing activity at sea. This can include the use of traditional tracking devices, such as Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS), and also the use of CCTV cameras and sensors.

5. ICES and Ecosystem-Based Management

6. Fisheries Management and Conservation Group

7. Inshore Fisheries Management and Conservation Group

8. Fmsy refers to the fishing mortality rate consistent with Maximum Sustainable Yield. This is the highest yield which can be continuously taken from the stock under average conditions without significantly affecting the ability of that stock to reproduce.


Email: ffm@gov.scot

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