Scotland's Baby Box: parents' view on contents

Research gathering parents' views on Scotland's Baby Box and the items provided to inform re-procurement of its contents.

4 Conclusions and Recommendations

4.1 Conclusions


The survey achieved a good sample size of 204, providing robust data about parents’ views of the box and its contents. The sample included a range of NHS Health Boards and SIMD quintiles, reflective of the sample database and the Scottish population. Respondents were mainly female, and tended to be aged 25‑29 or 30‑34. Half the sample were first time parents.

Summary of findings

All of the feedback about the Baby Box and its contents was extremely positive. Very high levels of use/planned use were reported for all of the items included in the box, and positive ratings were given in relation to their usefulness. The items reported to be most useful were the bath/room thermometer and the digital ear thermometer, followed by the wrap/sling.

Satisfaction levels were also extremely high in relation to the quality, presentation and particularly the range of items included in the box. Consequently, most respondents could not think of any items that were missing from the box. Among those who did think of something missing, the most common suggestion was to include newborn nappies. When prompted, the most popular suggested additions were a second sheet for the mattress or vouchers for reusable nappies.

Information provided in the box was well used, with most having read each of the reading materials in the box. Those who had not read the information generally said this was because they had received it from elsewhere. Among those who had read the information, ratings were generally high, particularly for the safe sleeping information (over eight in ten said this was useful).

Findings were generally consistent across the sample, with very few differences observed in relation to SIMD, first time vs experienced parents, age of parents and socio-economic groups.

4.2 Recommendations for re-procurement

Recipients of the Baby Box are extremely pleased with the current contents and there are no obvious areas that need to be addressed or improved. Consideration could be given to:

  • The quality of maternity pads included in the Baby Box (this was the most frequently identified issue with quality, although it was mentioned by only a small proportion of respondents)
  • Ensuring the quality of all thermometers, and/or making it clear who to contact for a replacement if there is any faulty equipment in the box.
  • The inclusion of newborn nappies, and equipment for breastfeeding such as breast pumps and nipple cream.
  • Although the baby wrap/sling was not among the most used items, it was judged to be among the most useful by those who had used it, suggesting that an item of a similar specification would be valued by parents. Those who did not intend to use it also found it difficult to suggest alternatives that they would have found more useful.
  • Use of the Parent Club website was as expected at 20%, but if this site is being used as a primary mechanism for communication about the Baby Box scheme then additional promotion may be required to reach a greater proportion of parents.


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