Schools - Regional Improvement Collaboratives: review

This report sets out findings of a review of the Regional Improvement Collaboratives (RICs). The review was commissioned jointly by Scottish Government and COSLA.


1. Regional Improvement Collaboratives for Education, Report of the Joint Steering Group, September 2017


3. Geographic profile unavailable for one early years centre.

4. SIMD information not available for 5 participating schools.

5. As RICs are not formal bodies, data sharing agreements need to be considered by individual partner legal departments.

6. The West Partnership Plan 2020-2023, The Road to Renewal: Our Response to Covid-19

7. Priorities varied between RICs area, and many RICs have already undertaken a range of work in some of these areas.

8. The RICs Joint Steering Group involving RIC leads, COSLA, Education Scotland, ADES and SOLACE meets every three months but was paused during the pandemic, and recommenced March 2021.



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