Review of the environmental and socio-economic barriers and benefits to organic agriculture in Scotland

Report of the research carried out by Harper Adams University, on behalf of the Scottish Government, into the environmental and socio-economic barriers and benefits to organic agriculture in Scotland.

Appendix 3

Table 12: Actions discussed by Scottish Organic Forum members to address the environmental and socio-economic benefits and barriers to organic farming in Scotland.

Action Methods to address it Facilitator 
Promoting organic through lower pricing  Retailers
Cooperation – utilise and promote Scottish Organic produce i.e. campaign support reflecting Quality Meat Scotland Via policy & funding  Scottish Government
Invest in promotion for consumers (canteens, schools), promote public sector procurement
Greater transparency i.e. Swedish Government campaign on pesticides in urine
Application of Scottish organic labelling  Feasibility analysis fund  Soil Association (ongoing)
Create an emotional value to organic produce for consumers i.e. Food Citizens, and limit divisiveness and exclusivity Promotion to buy consumers into the organic story
Developing the local organic supply chain  Project ongoing assessing mobile abattoirs in Rural Innovation Support Service (RISS) group (Innovative Farmers, 2019a) Soil Association (ongoing)
Investigate, facilitate, broker supply and demand of Scottish organic produce Caledonian Organics (ongoing)
Provision of ongoing support for implementation of AES/ Investigate specific organic approach under a new AES equivalent post-Brexit Policy needs to agree a provision of support
More adaptive governance of AES  Determine whether AES is appropriate for future organics payments or a stand-alone fund?
A focus on markets rather than farmers 
Relaxation of immigration policy for farm workers Encourage short-term farm work i.e. WWOOF
Incorporate agroecology into education
Education and normalising people’s perceptions of organic production
Internal education schemes as part of certification for farmers already practicing organically Ongoing Soil Association Scotland services include: RISS (Innovative Farmers, 2019), Farming programmes (The Soil Association, 2019) and troubleshooting by certification officers. Soil Association (ongoing)



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