Rent Adjudication (Temporary Modifications) (Scotland) Regulations 2024 – Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment

Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA) for the Rent Adjudication (Temporary Modifications) (Scotland) Regulations 2024.

Options considered

The two options considered were the ‘do nothing’ (or ‘business as usual’) option (Option 1) under which the pre-2022 Act rent adjudication procedures would come back into force unchanged; or the introduction of a transitional change to rent adjudication approach (Option 2). Within Option 2, different values for thresholds in the rent adjudication formula were consulted on.

The main sectors and groups which will be affected by the choice of regulatory option include:

  • Tenants in the private rented sectors
  • Private and social landlords[24]
  • Investors and developers (including build to rent provision)
  • Letting agents
  • Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service
  • Rent Service Scotland
  • Local authorities
  • Support organisations for housing and homelessness



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