Rent Adjudication (Temporary Modifications) (Scotland) Regulations 2024 – Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment

Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA) for the Rent Adjudication (Temporary Modifications) (Scotland) Regulations 2024.

Implementation and delivery plan

To support the implementation of the proposed changes, the Scottish Government will undertake a range of activities to raise awareness of the changes to support both tenants and landlords. This will help ensure that those affected have the information they need to navigate the changes brought about by the expiration of the emergency rent cap and the associated change to rent adjudication. Key activities will include:

  • A marketing campaign ahead of the expiry of the 2022 Act, targeted at tenants to raise awareness of the changes;
  • Provision of information for both landlords and tenants on government web pages that will provide up to date information on the changes;
  • Publication of tools that will assist tenants and landlords to understand the effect of the changes in their specific circumstances;
  • Work with stakeholders to disseminate information on the proposed changes;
  • Dissemination of information direct to landlords and letting agents to raise awareness and support understanding of the changes.

This work will be undertaken ahead of the expiry of the 2022 Act to ensure that information is available ahead of the change to rent adjudication taking place. The Scottish Government will monitor the implementation of the change and continue to engage with stakeholders update communications where that would be beneficial.

Post-implementation review

The proposed measures are temporary and will apply for 12 months. While they are in force, the Scottish Government will keep the operation of the regulations under review through regular monitoring of cases referred to the RSS and the FTT.



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