Rehabilitation framework self-assessment tool: analysis of responses

Findings from a self-assessment survey as part of the implementation of the framework for supporting people through recovery and rehabilitation during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, completed by rehabilitation services across health and social care in spring 2021.

Annex 2: Response rates for individual questions

Table A2.1: Response rates, by question

Question number Number of responses Response rate
(out of 280)
Q1: Pre-pandemic, what specific parts of your services were you most proud of? 280 100%
Q2: Pre-Pandemic, what challenges did you experience with recruitment and retention of staff? 279 99.6%
Q3: Pre-pandemic, were there any specific skill gaps within the workforce of your service? 280 100%
Q4: Pre-pandemic, in terms of service delivery – What were the biggest challenges day to day? 280 100%
Q5: Pre-pandemic, how would you describe the health and wellbeing of your local patient groups; did you notice any emerging issues? 279 99.6%
Q6: During the pandemic, what specific parts of your service were you most proud of? (e.g. innovation, service changes, staff skills, etc.) 279 99.6%
Q7: During the pandemic, how was the delivery of your services impacted by the pandemic? Please discuss examples of specific changes you had to make to your service. 280 100%
Q8: During the pandemic, were there any examples of staff skill gaps that emerged during the pandemic? 278 99%
Q9: During the pandemic, what changes did you observe in the health and wellbeing of your patient group? 279 99.6%
Q10: Learning from the last year what will you keep doing? 280 100%
Q11: What would you say is the biggest opportunity for your service post-pandemic? 280 100%
Q12: What would you consider as the biggest challenges within your workforce over the next couple of years? (e.g. gaps in education / training, recruitment concerns). 280 100%
Q13: Do you have concerns about the long term impact of the pandemic on the health and wellbeing of your patient groups? 280 100%
Q14: Within your service what needs to happen in order to consistently provide 'good rehab' – please try to be specific. 280 100%
Q15: What ambitions would you like to see collectively across Scotland in order to consistently provide good rehab? 280 100%



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