Rehabilitation framework self-assessment tool: analysis of responses

Findings from a self-assessment survey as part of the implementation of the framework for supporting people through recovery and rehabilitation during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, completed by rehabilitation services across health and social care in spring 2021.


1. Note that some respondents found these questions difficult to answer – especially in cases where they were replying on behalf of rehabilitation services that covered multiple areas of rehabilitation, or that served patients / clients in multiple settings. In such cases, respondents sometimes ticked 'other' and then provided further details about their service. However, other respondents ticked only one of the options provided, but then described their service in more detail elsewhere in their response. This means that there is likely to be a certain amount of inconsistency in the way respondents answered these questions.

2. Golden Jubilee National Hospital provides a national service in key elective specialisms.

3. Near Me is the public-facing name used to describe video consulting services provided via the Attend Anywhere platform in Scotland.

4. Note that the survey was completed over May to early July 2021 when Scotland was covered by Level 1 or 2 restrictions.



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