Redeployment: NHSScotland PIN policy

This Partnership Information Network (PIN) policy sets a minimum standard and provides a model, which can be adapted at local level, to ensure a fair and consistent approach to the process of exploring suitable alternative employment.

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Annex D: Guidance on Prioritisation

It is recognised that circumstances may arise whereby a vacancy presents a potential suitable alternative employment opportunity for more than one displaced employee. Where the reasons for displacement of such employees differ, it will be necessary to prioritise in terms of the order in which such individuals are considered for the vacancy, with managers only being asked to consider further matched staff where appointment from amongst those with a higher priority has been reasonably refused.

In general terms, the order of prioritisation (from highest to lowest) will be as follows:

  • Employees displaced on grounds of organisational change
  • Employees displaced on grounds of capability
  • Fixed-term employees displaced on grounds of non-renewal of their contract upon expiry (where termination of employment meets the definition of redundancy)
  • Other fixed-term employees displaced on grounds of non-renewal of their contract upon expiry

While the above will be correct in general terms, it will not apply in every case. Boards should take particular care, for example, where an employee displaced is disabled for the purposes of the Equality Act 2010[29], or in circumstances where a local decision is taken to explore suitable alternative employment for an employee displaced for reasons other than those set out above.


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